Half empty servers + awfull matchmaking

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Ever since 40man ops was taken, the player base seems to have gone down.

I keep getting put into (euro) servers that are half empty, or one team full and one team half full. (makes for very fun games, NOT) I never ever get 32-32 servers anymore, not even on weekends.

Plus matchmaking is still broke..

and it also seems that oppossing teams going for the gimme flag and even spawn trapping (Especially by platoons) is the new thing. Imo thats a looser tactic and shouldnt be done at all, but by platoons its even more of a looser tactic. (some even putting mines straight on tank spawn) WTH has happened to this game? Still 2 DLCs out and we have a broken playerbase. I dunno but the players in this bf seems even worse and less manered than previous bfs. its just gimme some kills, dont care how.

So empty servers + bad matchmaking + people playing really dirty has just ruined this game. please for the love of god bring back 40man ops or release som DLC.


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