Split screen Multiplayer On Next Battlefield ?

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this my first time to write in this forums
so i don't know the rules

if i choose the right forums area or not

so i have Suggestion for next battlefield game

how about Add Split screen ( 2 Player Online multiplayer in the platform )

so can i and my friend play together online

Tell me your opinions


  • Shadoxfilms
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    So first off, welcome to the forums!

    The creators corner is typically for screenshots, videos and other fan creations.

    But to rebut your suggestion, I can not imagine DICE going back to a technology that has never lended itself well to first person shooters. Less screen area, overlapping noise, It honestly sounds like a hot mess.
  • jhue73
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    seems like you work for dice...lol, "Less screen area, overlapping noise, It honestly sounds like a hot mess"? really? ha. alot of htpc owners, "like myself", would love to have 2 player split screen, so friends and family can play at the same time. my pc is hooked to a 65" tv and we use xbox controllers. i dont buy games that do not support the xbox controller. almost every game should have split screen. playing with friends and family is what gaming was founded on and taking that out is stupid. its all about money.
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