Battlefield 5: Team Defib Match

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I liked playing a lot of what I used to call "Team Death Match" in Battlefield 4, and was wondering:

Seeing as the UCAV got obliterated to the point where you really might as well have removed it completely from the game mode, and ladders were removed from Zavod and Lancang Dam, why wasn't Defibrilator-spam addressed in Team Death Match?

I play BF4 by myself (as all my crew have moved on to other games years ago), and all it takes for this game mode to become completely broken is for 2 or more enemy team members to be running defibs.

Ideas for Battlefield 5:

- In Team Death Match, nerf the defibrillator...give it substantial cool down time, or restrict it to 2 or 3 defibs per life -- Do with it what you did with any of the other equipment....RPG's, underbarrel grenade launchers: 3 or 4 rounds per life....or the UCAV: complete obliteration / 2min cool down time which resets upon death.

- If it's a rented server, give the one who's renting the server the functionality to disbable anything specific as he/she chooses.

- PLEASE don't cave in and nerf the maps again like in BF4.

Sorry for the rant, but the above has, just now, driven the final nail into BF4's coffin for me, and I REALLY hope that Battlefield 5 puts a bit more thought into this.

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    Battlefield 5 is already out, it's called BF1.
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    Why would you pay money for a game loaded with cheats. then come to a forum where they swear up and down that the game developer and game financier dont allow it? why would you keep giving money to a sad conglomerate that will go to any length to sell you more. they have stooped to below street level drug dealer. The people responsible for this game KNOW you NEED to WIN! They know you need to win so bad that you will pay any amount of money to achieve status. I think the federal gov.t should look into this ban sell ban sell technique for future anti terrorism training. The maker of this game is almost as bad as a black lit dark ops set up by the u.s. federal gov.t in secrecy.
    You gotta no , you NEED to win! They know this. You will pay any amount of money for it. you will continue purchasing failed attempts. Just to feed your need to win....enjoy maturity...hope your life goes well after you mature.
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