Battlefield 1 Incursions Community Environment Release 5 Update Notes

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Here are the notes for the next release, currently scheduled to go live on November 23rd (subject to change, but we’re looking good here). Although the update brings many great things, I'm sure what you all really care the most about is the new map and mode. So let's start there!

The map is a significantly updated version of Sinai Desert, featuring rocky landscapes, close quarter village combat, and a Devil's Pot in a completely new archeology dig site. One of the main problems we have seen on Giant's Shadow is that most of the action revolves around one flag - unless the match is a stomp. With the release of Sinai desert, we're revealing a new game mode that resembles King of the Hill.

The King of the Hill mode has three sectors per half. To win a match, you need to win four sectors. Each sector has one flag to contest. Holding the flag generates tickets, and the first team to fill a set wins the sector. No other action than holding the flag contributes to tickets, i.e. no tickets for kills in this mode - it is all about the objective. When a sector is completed, both teams are transferred to the next sector.

That's the basic rundown of the map and mode. In addition to that, we've also done some very interesting changes to Giant's Shadow, and we're starting to feel like it is in a fairly good place. Please provide feedback once you play it!

Here are the rest of the changes:

  • Removed the full-screen red overlay hit effect when taking damage. Should now only appear when critically injured.
  • Fixed issue where passive spotting would not work as intended while in a field gun.
  • Issuing an assist me ping will now check if the player is low on health or ammo and display icons accordingly to nearby team members.
  • The ping system will now no longer broadcast messages to the chat box. It could get a bit spammy at times.

  • Giant's Shadow Redux: Fixed an issue where you could fall through the world on Giant's Shadow in the lumberyard.
  • Giant's Shadow Redux: Increased the Flag Timer on Giant's Shadow from 14 to 30 seconds per tick.
  • Giant's Shadow Redux: Decreased the number of tickets to win a set from 15 to 10.
  • Giant's Shadow Redux: Updated A and C spawn points.
  • Giant's Shadow Redux: Facilitated access out of C for new spawn points (C front wall has pre-destruction).
  • Giant's Shadow Redux: Improved play area between A side HQ and A Flag to allow the team on the A side to flank to retake A.
  • Giant's Shadow Redux: Terrain updates on A side.
  • Giant's Shadow Redux: Fixed the small wall close to cannon yard and double hills where the player could get stuck between the terrain and the wall.
  • Giant's Shadow Redux: Fixed several floating objects on the map. Because gravity is a thing.

  • Removed accept button from matchmaking (will auto-accept).
  • Added number of players in queue to the matchmaking card.
  • Increased the amount of time before timing out when searching for a match.

As always, keep giving us feedback and discuss with us on Reddit, Discord, and the Battlefield Forums.

Thank you - and see you on the Battlefield!
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