12th Infantry Regiment MilSim Recruiting

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Have you been searching for a mature and dedicated MilSim unit? Are you tired of the endless search for a unit that you can call your own? Are you disappointed with the recent degradation of the MilSim Community? Search no more.

Who are the 12th Infantry Regiment

The 12th Infantry Regiment is a unit dedicated to becoming the best trained and disciplined MilSim in the Battlefield 4 community. Within our unit, we believe in a concentration in quality of soldiers over quantity of membership. We are a unit that is truly the sum of its people. Each member makes a unique contribution to the makeup of our unit as a whole. We are a unit that has been around in one form or another for the last 8 years. Our unit is always striving to be on the cutting edge of the community through the implementation of fierce training that teaches each member of our unit not only the value of teamwork, but also teaches the value of independent thinking and problem-solving.

Structure and Ranks

The 12th Infantry Regiment is structured after a U.S. Army Light Infantry unit. Consequently, we utilize the United States Army's ranks and general structure.

Training and Initiation

Each new recruit is subjected to the same training regiment as those who have gone before them. It is worth mentioning that everything that you will receive in our unit will be earned. This means that every promotion, assignment, rank, or position must be obtained through your own individual effort AND the work you do as a team.

Our training is not like other units. We do not teach anything that will not be used by every soldier in every battle we fight. Our unit employs training that teaches every member of the unit their place and allows them to have some degree of control over their assignments in the future. The training is long in duration, lasting on average 6-8 hours in-game per training session, but is valuable in the sense that every member exits basic training with the tools to be effective on the battlefield. Our goal is that our lowest ranked or most junior member will exit training on the same level of proficiency as veteran members of similar units. We pride ourselves on our initial training and on the quality of our membership.

Following the completion of your basic training, you will be able to select what M.O.S. or specific role that you would like to fill the unit. Once selected, you will receive training that is relevant to that M.O.S. and you will be placed into a squad according to the needs of the unit based on your choice of M.O.S.

Why should I join the 12th IR?

You will find a unit that is truly unique not only in its operation in combat, but also in its actions off the battlefield. You will obtain a membership in one of the best MilSim units in the community.

How do I join and when can I start?

In order to gain a basic membership, you need only contact one of the following members: DustinTheWind64, Wolf Architect, and itsRmzyS550.

As a basic member, you are not able to participate in any combat operations, but you will be able to participate in your basic training on the first Saturday following your initial contact with our unit. We hold our basic training each Saturday that we have a full recruit class.

We look forward to seeing you in the future.
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