Battlefield Companion App Being Delisted from Windows Mobile Store

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Hello Battlefield gamers,

Looking at current service levels and support, we have to make some decisions that will ultimately benefit our community, our gamers, and our games.

On Thursday, November 30th 2017, we will be delisting the Battlefield Companion from the Windows Mobile store. What does that mean? To put it simply, the Battlefield Companion app for Windows Mobile will no longer be offered on the Windows Mobile store. But don’t worry! If you’re a Windows Mobile user and have the app installed before that date, you will be able to continue using the Battlefield Companion app for Windows Mobile as you currently do.

What does this mean for updates? Well, there will be no further updates for this version of the Battlefield Companion delivered via the Windows Mobile store. However, you will be able to use Career in-game or Battlefield Companion via the web. Here’s a link:

Thanks for being a member of the Battlefield community and we’ll see you on the battlefield!

The Teams at EA/DICE
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