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Hello friend! You have taken a step further to looking for a Platoon, eh? Well, you've found the right place! We are a Platoon who play on Xbox 360 (Soon to be Xbox One as well) and we play Battlefield 3, Battlefield 4, Bad Company 2, MOH: Warfighter, and more. My requirements are these: Be loyal, don't be annoying and please have a mic (If you can hear me, that's the lowest requirement I can accept).Sadly, I won't accept kids. I don't have kids, but generally they're quite obnoxious (Especially if they have a Kinect). Now, I don't care about your level, skill, or anything of the sort. I can help you with that. We love doing custom battles (Like Convoy Assault) and having fun. I like the game to have fun, not to care about my K/D. So, saying this, I hope if you'd like to join me, you share somewhat similar views. Now, having fun is doing things like C4 trapping roads, or using a Claymore trap to kill people in Jeeps (Buggies). I mess around quite often, an example is using the Phantom to kill people. If you don't know, getting killed 300M away in the air by a headshot by the Phantom isn't very fun. My favorite map is Golmud Railway (Battlefield 4). I only do Hardcore on Battlefield 4 and Core on Battlefield 3. If you take interest in this, please message Theben78 on Xbox 360! I can't wait to see you there! Also, we're expanding to Xbox One as of 11/24/2017. Note I say expanding, and not moving to as well.
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    If anybody would like to talk and cant get on there Xbox, please message me on KIK or Zello. Username is Ranger ONeil
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