USDR MIlsim [Female Division]

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USDR Milsim team is looking for the serious gamer girls of battlefield. If you are a gamer girl looking for a squad of fellow girl gamers to play battlefield with the USDR Milsim Female Division is a great place for you to be. If you are 15 or older and you have a working mic then why not give USDR a chance. USDR was primarily a male dominated milsim team, but we are opening up to the serious gamer girls out there! You will mostly be playing with your fellow girl gamers, but if you would like you may play with the male division as well. USDR has been around for 10 years and never have we had a female in the group so if you want to make team history ask to join today! If you have questions or concerns, or you would like to join message USDR DF PITBULL today! Thank you.
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