Back charging Systems that Wrongfully Ban Licensed Players - I want my money back from these folks

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I think we need to initiate a system that actually places a monetary value on gameplay for systems and database that ban and block people who are not cheating. We all know many people have been banned unjustly just because of what systems like BF4DB do and ban people they say are associated.
Not sure what country it is ok to discriminate against paid for licensed accounts that are not cheating. We all know it is not just them either.

If you go to the site for BF4DB you will see a laundry list of players whos rights have been violated and have been discrimnated against. Not because they cheated in any way shape or form. Just because a flawed system they use says so. Remeber my ID was banned just because someone spelled my name incorrectly. Still that is why they banned me initally. Then once they finally admitted I had not cheated they blamed my ban on an account that had logged onto their sytem related to to a banned account. With these guys it's like the witch trials. You do not have to cheat, if they want to ban you they just make stuff up and ban you.

So what gives these people the right to discriminate and ban IDs that were not cheating?

What makes it ok for them to say this account was cheating so that one is banned also?

What allows them to take our rights away from paying subscribers to the EA games they ban us from?

Nothing, they have no right to do so, so if someone wants to start a petition to the EA Staff or Execs let me know.

I think the only thing to do is get our money back from these folks like BF4DB that have banned so many accounts just on what they say is associated hardware, or IPs, or associated accounts. Based on their theory someone who had even one account they deemed associated would never be able to play again since any new license key would be associated with it.

Does BF4DB and or other services have the right to take your game playing rights away when your account is not cheating or violating the TOS in any way? They themselves are violating the TOS by restricting your gameplay when your license was not in violation.

I say it is time the EA / DICE executives get a few kind words from us about these groups that like to discriminate.

I say that if they are going to ban an account that is not cheating they should have to pay for that right. We pay for the right to play so when they take that right away they should have to pay us back.


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    Yeah it is pretty sad people are allowed to discriminate however they want and not be held accountable. Hopefully, we can work to change that. I spent some time on a site yesterday and saw what appears to be hundreds and I would be thousands of people easily that have been banned with no evidence at all that they were cheating. I am constantly reading reports with regards to people being banned and blocked by systems like BF4DB for what they deem is an association. I mean really if people can be blocked and banned for doing nothing wrong and even be banned by accident, well that just screams to be shut down. The more I investigate it also appears one of the sites was already shut down once for this very same type of behavior.
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    I think its pretty sad that you cannot follow simple rules, you were told not to discuss bans on here, and yet here you are again talking about a ban issued by a third part server system. You know of course you can play on official servers, and also on servers that are NOT bf4db protected.

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