XBOX ONE MilSim Platoon: 3rd Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion

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The 3rd Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion is recruiting players seeking a,

Tight knit, and growing community with, helpful, easygoing members, who are active, regularly. While we take the game semi-seriously, per our nature as a Military Simulation unit, we still enjoy it for exactly what it is, a game. Games are supposed to be fun, and we find it fun to play the objective, communicate, and poke fun at each other, when we goof up. We do however, flip the switch to full focus, during internal events like,

Trainings, and Skirmishes. Our training isn't none of that PT bs, we just show you how to work with a team, and take advantage of, and be aware of, your surroundings. Skirmishes are where we put that training to use, in a controlled, level, setting.

To join, you must,

-Age: 16+
-DLC: All or Premium
-Have access to LINE, a free texting app used by the larger MilSim community
-Have a working mic, no worries if it breaks post entry, just work on getting it fixed, if it does
-Be Active, most importantly

Per the nature of our unit, we do have things, such as,

1. M.O.S., to ensure members are using what they're best/comfortable with. Further hands on training can be provided with other skill sets but, necessary M.O.S. will ultimately be what you are best with.
2. Rank, for proper enforcement of the real world chain of command, and delegate issues accordingly
3. Raids, and Skirmishes, where we play against other units, or ourselves, as a way of challenging one another to grow better, as players.
4. Training, as stated, we don't go over the top with training, all we ask is that you're attentive, and know when to joke around, and when to focus. We aren't intent on thought policing people over a video game, that's not who we are, we just desire a monochrome of maturity from our members, when it needs to be exhibited. Then, you can continue throwing crass jokes at each other, while you play public match.

-If this sounds like the community for you, reach me in the following fashions,

XBL: Lethal Gradient
LINE: 7.string.sean
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