Just feel like ranting because people make this game no fun

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Am I the only one that had had it up to my eyeballs with all the try-hard jet and AH pilots that make it impossible to enjoy this game...?

It seems like 50% of the servers I join I just have to quit because I’m constantly getting destroyed by the AH or the AJ is just leaving our team in ruins, and I know teamwork should be able to take them out...but let’s be real does everyone on my team really wanna take things that seriously just to take out an annoying AJ or AH pilot and then watch him spawn back in 90 seconds later to do it all over again?

I’m not some spectacular player that has a ton of experience in anything, heck I’m not even a level 140 yet (probably because I have about 1000 XP boosts I’ve never used but...). I’m a casual player that just wants to go on and have fun without having to waste hours of my life “practicing” how to fly a fake jet or heli. But when some annoying AH team with a great pilot and gunner, or one of those utterly rage-inducing attack jet pilots that has “months of practice” on the “hardest learning curve” vehicle in the game ends up in the server and proceeds to make it impossible to do well, it’s no longer fun. And I’m sick of it. You can maybe have a chance at countering an AH if you have a good gunner, but again how often does that happen?

To me, there’s just too many situations in this game where one or two stupid good players can just poo on the rest of us and there’s nothing we can do about it because that would involve working as a team (hahaha). I don’t have a proposed solution or anything, Im just speaking my opinion.

It just comes down to it is no fun to play BF4 when some ding **** is destroying every single vehicle on the map in his AJ including the heli you just spawned in with hopes of enjoying yourself, or when you can’t even be in your spawn without some AH gunning you down...

BOTTOM LINE: They (AJ, AH, etc) may not be OP, but nobody ever seems to be able to stop them and it makes it so that I can’t even play the game because I just die instantly from a heli or have my tank shredded by a jet.


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    Apart from Shanghai I really don't see what problem your having and even on Shanghai the AH is easy to stay away from if you play smart and take shots with vehicles and rockets when the chances arrive.

    Run mechanic for when your in vehicles for quicker repairs, usually jets will need two flybys to take you out and in that time you can get your vehicle back to 100hp. Which ever way the air vehicle is coming from manoeuvre your vehicle as to go under them, it makes you a lot harder to take out and try line up a shot in the process.

    Also remember that the game has been out over 4 years now so a lot of the players have a lot of experience with most aspects of the game.
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    One last thing, do the dice la camo unlock on Dragons Valley, this will make you a lot harder to see for AH gunners who use gunner thermal optics.

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    I dont think they're a huge issue, but a lot of them do sweat and try hard as hell. I actually know of a guy who rented his own hardcore server and made using lock on an instant ban offense just to further his stomping with attack helis.

    Lock ons will force most pilots away from your area just by aiming at them - so if you're having an issue with them, just run Engi with a stinger.
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    That's just why it's soooo much fun to shoot them out of the sky with a RPG... Just keep plugging. All pilots have patterns they follow... just lie in wait, but don't be the **** that uses a stinger...
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    Yes, banned on my server too. You are cheating yourself by using lock ons... and I'm not that good of a pilot...
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    attack jet pilots and attack chopper pilots kill you because you let them. you have people who snipe pilots with bolt action rifles because they hate jets that much. if i get pissed at a pilot i will spend every round spotting and laser designating pilots. take a soflam throw it in the bushes or hide it from the chopper with flares and use the pld on the other side of the map alternate between the two to confuse and intimidate the pilot. until an engineer realizes an easy kill is available....if your an accurate shooter run 7.62 weapons that can shoot pilots through the glass, i have chased away plenty little bird pilots with the m240 bravo or scar h. possibly thinking another pilot is after them.. and on the rare ocasion i shoot em in the face and take their chopper. you also want to run a smoke heavy load out like xm25 smoke plus smoke grenades or smoke or flare grenades and the mpaps missile forcefield thing . so they cant shoot you. or see you. or run assualt with m23 smoke . and smoke grenades. engineer class is self explanatory. most choppers make wide turns so run or drive straight at them and they will over shoot you and have to make a wide turn to come back by which time you should be popping smoke and somewhere else. all else fails spawn as engineer and sraw
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    Try and avoid the servers that post 'No stinger,igla,AA mine' basically anything that wil endagender me and my chums while we basically booost on a helo freindly map, but being a European who works shifts and actually has to pay a mortgage, insurance and all that stuff that basement dwelling trolls don't have to worry about it is getting worse, wanna game and have fun but the maps I can play in the down time I have are all now filled with OOR players or owned by helo whores in their moms basement who despite unlimited hours play can't get a kill without 2 engineers repairing them and a complete AA ban.

    Seems like a rant, but can't get a decent EU server that is not filled with YouTube glitch exploiters or as above, eastros with a rigged server so they can go 70/80-1 KD as a Helo ****!
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    Play 24/7 silk road. Best map that has enough space for both gamemodes
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    Lol my PSN ran out like 3 days after I posted this and I never renewed.

    But yeah I appreciate all the advice, it probably would help.

    I tried all the different maps and ended up just sniping for the rest of the time I spent on this game. It really was all too regular of a thing for me to get on after a long day only to be met by people who had been on all day while I worked (lol) that wouldn’t even let me sit peacefully on a rock IN MY SPAWN (because I just kept getting pushed back further and further) and try to fool around with a sniper. Just got to be flat-out annoying.
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    i could care less how other people play, the game is no fun because they never fixed the "netcode". all they did was add placebo features to make us "feel" like we didnt just get screwed out of kills. headshot indicator on killcam? everyone has the best hipfire aim then cuz i die from one hit headshots at least 80% in some servers, usually the servers where it takes 15-20 bullets to kill someone. if they would focus on the foundation of any fps game, the head to head encounters, maybe it would justify adding any new features to a game. every single wtf netcode bs event that was in the game the first month can still be seen regularly 4 years later. yes, when you find a "descent" running server its a lot of fun, but those days are getting more and more rare. sad, just sad. ever spawn in with no gun for like 30 seconds? ever die from 1 hit with no audio, damage indicator, hit sounds or suppression? oh, and it was an m9 from 5 feet away. surely he had to shoot more than once and none of those unsuppressed gunshots made it to my speakers. ever shoot an enemy, see blood, dust and a flinch animation only to die from a quick double tap as soon as his gun flashes, and then in the kill cam hes bunny hopping with 100% health? and then theres the people that post in netcode threads saying "it works fine for me" with their .6 kd ratio. man this game was fun at times. and you can see all these lovely wtf events daily playing bf1 too, great job mates.
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    Am I the only one that had had it up to my eyeballs...

    It's hard to say really. How far up are your eyeballs? I might have had it past your eyeballs, but there's no way of really telling without known how far up they are.
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