Cannot Start the game, no solutions to be found. Please help.

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Allrighty then..

Battlefield Hardline is a game I used to play about a year ago. Decided to reinstall and do some shooting. always getting the same error when I'm trying to start the game.

" BFH stopped working - Problem ended program normal working - Windows will shut down it and reports if there is solution for it"

Man I've tried a million things.

1. Uninstall BFH
2. Uninstall Origin
3. Shift+Delete (Every Folder Named Origin in "ProgramFiles, ProgramData, AppData, My Documents" ect)
4. Use CCleaner to Clean Apps and Registry by using this settings:
5. Restart my PC
6. Reinstall the whole chabang
7. then Run the game and origin as Admin...


I reinstalled every possible application that works with my games, reinstalled windows and all hardware drivers.
Ran Windows in safe mode and installed it all. Ran it in all browsers available, firefox, chrome, Iexplorer... you name it. Nothing works.

I have no AVG's, I only have Windows firewalls running, I have every port capable of blocking any battlefield transmission turned off, switched off, deleted, AND opened up exceptions in windows firewall especially for BFH.

I'm out of answers. so is the interwebs. Need help, want to play the game I paid money for. Thanks in advance.


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