How do i find squad members?

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I'm playing pretty actively as rifleman scout with my friend who plays medic on EU servers. We're always on Discord communicating and we also use teamplay tactics a lot so we're actually looking for a third who'd play Support and/or Assault to help us out on and join us on Discord during the times we play which are usually anywhere from 5 p.m to midnight on central european times. Idk what the best way would be to find a person like that but i'd give it a shot on the forums and maybe some of you people have a better clue on how to find a person like that.English and fluent speaking on discord is of course a must and skill-wise we don't really care as long as you can behave properly. Age doesn't matter. You can contact us on Discord at (Monk and Naklofen) or just tell us your origin name here and we'll invite you. Thank you


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    I came here looking to try to find a Squad to play with. Just started playing on PC, played on console for years. I am used to Squads and team play, but I am having a hard time finding a squad or any group that plays together. I don't mind playing any type as long as it is a team, I will try to join your squad if I can get on at the same time. I am on Eastern Standard Time, NYC.
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