TTK 2.0 is live!!


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    People don't want to use the LMGs that can hipfire/fire on the move or the SLRs/scout rifles that are geared towards closer ranges. Yet in the same breath they whine that no class is versatile anymore, ok. More like certain guns like the Mondragon and BAR don't totally erase any purpose to the other guns in their classes anymore. Woe is me new TTK is so bad guys.

    They are stuck in a logic loop. "Support can't run and gun!" Explain to them that the Chauchat, the Bar, the Madsen and the Parabellum can run and gun. "I don't want to use those guns... Support can't run and gun!"

    Are you guys not getting it on purpose? People are not complaining about how guns feel or perform (aside from the LMG ADS nerf), they are complaining how the game plays out as a result of the guns feeling and performing better (aside from scout).

    It's about what others now use and abuse, not what you yourself have at your disposal. Having a few inconsequential or redundant guns is insignificant as long as you have enough enjoyable choices and the overall balance and interplay between classes produce an engaging and non-frustrating gaming experience.

    Stop regurgitating your concern for old underused guns, there are still plenty of those for you to wring your hands about.

    Majority of the TTK 2.0 grumpiness lately is focused the campiness of LMG's and how it affects game play. The reasoning that people have for this being an issue is because they claim that players can't run and gun with the support class so the only option is to camp. If I point out that its due to player limitations or a lack of willingness to change, they get triggered.

    Don't blame me because you're not up on the anti ttk 2.0 trends. Its not my fault that your side can't get together and come up with consistent arguments against the patch.

    I also like how you just invented a new one. Its because we want weapons that we can abuse?

    I am still waiting for someone to explain what was wrong with guns before the patch and what problems this patch was intended to solve. Just some facts, without these “it takes too much time to kill someone”, “I cannot flank and kill all at once” and “In BF4 I could ...” arguments

    The dev's explained the reasoning here.

    Probably somewhere around page one in this thread and in 1000 other threads the problems with underused weapons in each class were discussed at great length. Feel free to research those topics. At some point after the patch dropped this turned into an argument about how things feel rather than discussion based upon the reality of how we
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