[LEB] Lebanon (Official Post by Owner - NOW RECRUITING) 24/7 Active 200% Damage & Vanilla Servers !!



  • LOLGotYerTags
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    That is probably something you should discuss with the admin in private rather than openly on the forum.

    I would if they'd remove me from the ban list, stop blocking me and/or stop deleting my posts here on the forums.
    So take it to pm.

    This is not the place to discuss the way they moderate their game servers.
  • research-kitchen
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    I play there all the time, never really had a problem with LEB admins.  You should add a few more maps the vanilla maps are getting a little old.  With the 200% damage better think twice about running across that open field, every sniper is a 1 shot kill , and I see lots of snipers.  You all should give it a try.
  • PaintballPete
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    Hello Admins my game name is Paintball Pete..........I cannot find the link to join 3rd platoon, i would appreciate the link posted up please if possible
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