Any active Clan Recruiting?

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Hey hello to all soldiers...i´m wondering if there is any clan active on BF4....i´m looking for Portuguese clans or English clans.....pls let me know if there´s any clan...THANK YOU ALL AND GOOD FIGHTS


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    oh ok i´m sorry sir and thanks a lot
  • Aerothan
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    .-= Welcome to =-.

    Respect, Pride, Dignity, Loyalty, Honor

    Welcome to *Project Warfare*, a clan lead by a board of members and friends. If you are interested in a clan of young and grown adults, friends that are here to just relax and enjoy a game together, and are interested in helping grow a Clan then we welcome you the opportunity to Apply and join today!

    Joining the Project Warfare clan is as simple as completing our simple application form located in the top menu of the Project Warfare website. However, once your application has been submitted to join our community your application request will go under a quick review by a member of the leadership team. Upon joining your new family, you will by default be placed into the member stage, a stage that lasts as long as you want to stay there. Moving up in the clan ranks solely depends on how much time and effort you want to invest in your new home.

    Current supported games;
    Destiny 2
    Battlefield 1
    Guild Wars 2
    World of Warcraft
    We also support Streamers of all sizes as well!

    As mentioned before, Project Warfare is a clan of all sorts of gamers that focus on offering a friendly and fun place to call home. We do encourage our clan members to wear tags [pw] as it's a way to show off who we are, as well as maybe grabbing that one person in the game that is looking for a new home as well.

    The Project Warfare clan is built and powered on respect. Both respect for superior, minority, and our basic members is required, as well as following our simple Code of Conduct. This helps make sure everyone feels welcome and encourages non-toxic behavior.

    Please head over to after browsing our site. There's a button at the bottom to apply that says "Are You Ready To Submit Your Application? Join Now!" After you've filled out your application go ahead and join our discord. Upon joining and approval of your application, you will receive your associated tags and can proceed to utilize our discord.

    Welcome to the clan friend, we’re eager to review your application.


    We appreciate you taking the time in reading up on our Clan.


    Aerothan (CEO), Smurffy (COO), ThatShakboii(CAO), Sharkbait(Director), Sk8er1964(Director)
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