BF1 Not the place for Incursion

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I didn't really know what Incursion was when I got the invite to try it this weekend, but I've liked the previous BF1 expansions enough to jump in and give it a try.

Wow, was I surprised, and slightly confused when I finally got into a match. A blind draft of some premade kits in a 5v5 setting. I instantly thought that this cant be the right game for a 5v5 competitive mode.

There are sooo many better games for this type of competition. If DICE/EA want to come up with an FPS competitive 5v5 game it needs to be something from the ground up, or at the very least, something more unique/niche. If I wanted a game with tactical/close or midrange combat I'd play counterstrike, or rainbow six, or numerous other titles that have been designed around this type of gameplay.

Why cant the battlefield competitive scene be 10 v 10 or 12 v 12. That way you can include all these premade kits and it doesnt feel as silly. Vehicle kits in a 5v5? what? I would much rather have an expansion akin to Close Quarters in Battlefield 3.

Maybe its just personal preference, but I've been an avid battlefield player since BF2, and I dont come to the battlefield series for stuff like Incursion.

Sorry if this isnt really feedback....but it's a suggestion to move on to an expansion or gamemode a MAJORITY of your playerbase would actually enjoy.


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