Swfc4eva memorial Bagfest.

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Mark Nicols (Swfc4eva) was a top guy and a regular on BF4 and known to many on ForumField. Sadly he was killed in a tragic accident.

I am therefore looking to possibly rent a BF4 server for a night for a Swfc4eva memorial Bagfest!

Tentatively, I am looking at 26th or 27th Jan from about 20:00 ish GMT.

Although this event will have 'no rules', I want it to follow the old ForumField troll nights.......

Tryhard pants left at the loading screen.
No primaries other than the Phantom Bow.
Rubbish secondaries (Mare's Leg).
Knives essential.
T Bagging mandatory.

The focus of the event is to laugh, laugh long and hard and remember the good times on the Battlefield with our friend Mark.

All are welcome.

Suggestions for maps/mode appreciated.


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