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Looking for smaller/newer platoon

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I'm looking for something that's not too big, around 30 or less players ideally. I'm active mostly on weekends and evenings during the weekdays. US, Eastern Standard Time.
Things I want in a platoon are:
Somewhat original name, emblem, and tag.
Players who will work together.
I don't want to have to "try out" or do anything like that just to join.
I don't like a lot of requirements. Idc how old you are, where you're from, or anything like that, I just want to play battlefield with some like-minded fellows.

Thanks for reading, if any interests please message me on PSN (snakeater418) or post a comment on this thread.
Also note that I looking to join a platoon but would be willing to help create one if anyone would like to help or need help.


  • choppermeir
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    You sound like you need to join MoGZ of war. I did over two years a go and never looked back, we are an easy going bunch with a mix of EU/NA players from across the board. We have a discord as well for tagging people when we go online only requirement we have is over 21 and have a mic. Good mix of PTFO and laughs so if you fancy it head over to our discord http://www.discord.me/mogz and meet the folks
  • HudsonN7
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    We have been around awhile and there are about 50 or so PS4 players, but in case you're interested, I'll leave this here for you to consider.


    If you want to join a well-established (est. 2004), organized group with military style chain of command, consider Tactical Gaming! We have practices every Wednesday and Sunday around 7:30-9:30 GMT+1 both days for our EU/UK squads. Also have practices for those in the US/CAN during 8-10pm EST both days, and practice for those in the African region around 8.30-10.30pm local time both days.

    We focus on communication, group tactics and fun. Check us out! And if you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

    With the release of BF1, our PS4 members play BF1 for practice.

    Home Page - http://www.tacticalgaming.net/intro.html

    About TG - http://www.tacticalgaming.net/hq/news/

    Join TG - http://www.tacticalgaming.net/hq/index.php?app=referrals&reff=38464
  • Thebeau1771
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    The Devil's Brigade, we play hardcore and are all better for it. Currently sitting at 21 members, quality no quantity.

    Recently been trying to grow as we're entering the competitive realm.

    Solid group or Platoon/squad players, lots of support.

    Let me know

    PSN : Thebeau-17
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