How We are Enhancing the Battlefield 1 Online Experience

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How We are Enhancing the Battlefield 1 Online Experience
Learn how latency is lowered with a new server location.

In the last couple of months, keen-eyed Battlefield™ 1 players might have noticed some quasi-hidden, under-the hood-changes in the game’s online game server infrastructure.

The reason is the implementation of two major enhancements designed to lower latency and improve your online experiences.

We’re doing this by introducing a more powerful system to assess which region players connect to when jumping into the action, all while experimenting with running game servers in different locations.

Reducing Latency with a New European Datacenter

Up until now, we have hosted most of our European game servers in Dublin, Ireland, with a significantly smaller footprint in the Netherlands (available only for some game modes.) We have now rolled out game servers hosted in Frankfurt, Germany as well.

Combined with the improvements to our matchmaking implementation, this will considerably reduce latency for many Battlefield 1 players in Western Europe, Southern Europe, and Russia.

The Battlefield 1 Rent a Server program is also supporting this new location, allowing admins to decide whether they want to host in Ireland or Germany upon renting the server.

Better Latency Measurement
We are working on further improvements to augment routing and latency measurements and we’ll be sharing more information in the coming months.

We look forward to your feedback as we continue to look at these improvements, and we eagerly await getting our DICE Dog Tags repeatedly stolen with the lowest possible latency by players worldwide.

Antonio Trama, Software Engineer
The teams at EA and DICE
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