[SOF] Milsim organization = recruiting Special Forces Operators!

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[SOF]MilSim organization, (Nato's Special Operations Forces)
is recruiting for our special forces unit's.

[SOF1]= NL KCT 108 Commando Company
[SOF2]= UK E Squadron (Revolutionary Warfare Wing)
[SOF3]= US DEVGRU Silver Squadron (former Seal Team Six)

- Must be willing and able to install line-app.
- Age 16+
- Be an active player (once or twice a week at least)
- Access to Battlelog pc version
- Have a good working mic

CO stefano nr1(OF-1) line id = schuijff
XO ajacied onduty(OF-D)

[url="https://twitter.com/SOF_MilSim_unit "]
[/url][url="https://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/platoons/view/5635077396805374545/ "][/url]


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