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Phantom Sun Special Forces is a MilSim unit that runs on the Xbox 360 platform. We are a well organized unit that uses USMC ranks for structure. Phantom Sun is brand new right now, so as you may guess, we don't have very many members. PSSF is looking for any type of player and any rank, whether they are new to the Battlefield community or they are a veteran, PSSF will mold and train them into the best of the best. Currently, we are communicating outside of Battlefield via Discord chat. Here are some of the requirements of joining.

Decent mic
Age 12+
U.S. or Canada
Keep the foul language on the down low

Here are some divisions that PSSF is offering:

Infantry: PSSF infantry is our number one most important division, without these guys we wouldn't have anyone doing any work. Our infantry men aren't some run-of-the-mill standard foot soldiers. No, PSSF infantry is only for the elite. The infantry pride themselves about getting in and out of enemy territory without a scratch.

Airborne: Phantom Sun Airborne is our top-of-the-line soldiers. These guys can go anywhere, anytime. PSSF Airborne are trained to handle any situation, whether that be a silent night mission to take out an HVT, or to even fly aircraft in time of need.

Force Recon: PSSF Force Recon is our sniper division. They can get in and out of any situation without a sound. These guys are trained to take long range shots or silently sneak around enemy soldiers without ever being seen.

Air corps: Phantom Sun Air Corps is out most elite pilots. Trained to handle any dog fight or transport, these guys can fly in a pinch. These airmen can dog fight like a fierce lion, or transport as gracefully as a panther.

Armored corps: PSSF Armored Corps is made up of our best drivers and gunners. Anyone in the Armored Corps is trained to handle any tank, LAV, or MRAP in any situation. Armored Corps are the protectors of infantry men, so they are one of the most important divisions in Phantom Sun.

(And many more divisions to come)

If anyone has any other questions please leave them in the comments or message Tanker2501 on Xbox 360 or Tanker2501 #1831 on discord.

If any other MilSim units would like to alliance with the PSSF please message Tanker2501 on Xbox 360 or Tanker 2501 #1831 on discord.
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