3rd Armored Division Xbox 1 Milsim Recruitment

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I am Chief Warrant Officer 5 Warthog of the 3rd Armored Division.

We are a new milsim unit starting out here on Battlefield 4 and are looking for people to join our unit.

We play tactically, honestly and fair. Running tactics and weapons as employed by the U.S Armed forces to enhance our experience.

We have our own private server for training's and engagements to prepare us for all fronts.

We have a variety of Divisions to choose from:
501st Aviation: Our elite Aviation division, dedicated to training pilots and airmen to outmaneuver and destroy the enemy.
35th Armor: Our lead tank Division dedicated to waging armored warfare on all our enemies with excellent tactics and dedication.
4B-17th Infantry: Our basic infantry division, where new enlisted learn the ropes of the unit and are trained to combat all situations, whatever may come.
1AD. Rangers: Our advanced infantry division, which completes the mission by any means necessary, no matter the cost. Minimum casualties, maximum effect.
1AD. Reconnaissance team (Recon): Our Scout Sniping team, spying on the enemy from afar, and killing without a sound. Long range or short range.
***** *****: Our most elite SF team. Only a select few are allowed in.............
4B-27th Field Artillery: Our artillery team, using the Artillery trucks when available to stop the enemy in their tracks.
Burning Steel: Our Anti-Tank division, dedicated to destroying enemy Armor wherever the enemy may hide.

If you wish to join, message me on XBOX xDaBlackHamm3rx or message me on LINE (LINE ID: xxdablackhammerxx)
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