17th MEU Recruitment Information

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Join on of the oldest Military Simulation teams that there is. Based on a Marine Corps Marine Expeditionary Force (Special Operations Capable). We strive to create an immersive experience where we excel in stressful and challenging environments. As a Realism unit we work to maintain a professional, disciplined, capable, and adaptable group.

The 17th MEU uses the U.S. Marine Corps rank structure. While in game we maintain a well structured, well organized unit. We consider in game like being “on the clock” where we are prepared to take and execute orders from higher command. Out of operation is a much more relaxed environment akin to being off base out of uniform.

What We Offer Our Members:
Professional, Mature, and Disciplined Members
Weekly Training and Operations
Real life experience from both former and active U.S. military service members.
Actual U.S. Marine Corps tactics
Serious Fun

What We Expect From Our members
Honor, Courage, and Commitment
17+ years old
All maps
LINE/Website activity.

So how do you join? There are three ways to start the process.

1. Message HitmanINC870 over xbox live
2. Visit us at our website s15.zetaboards.com/17thef
3. Download the LINE app and click this link.

See you on the Battlefield.
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