Life After Battlefield 1

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I finally stopped playing BF1. What’s it like after playing years of BF games for thousands of hours? I got my life back. Yes, I had some good times- but overall a lot of stress and frustration. Part of it is from the nature of a shooter and part from seeing things change in gaming. Games years ago used to be more focused on simplicity and fun. Now they are more focused one what it looks like. Games used to be polished and some are rushed so an unfinished feel ends up being the experience. I’m 52 and have been around since Pong. I met some good people playing games, but overall I feel I neglected more important things in life- including my family, health and my future.

One of the biggest changes is life feeling more normal. After playing a lot and then stopping I feel more at peace. I was playing too much and I ended up putting the XBox on the small TV in the basement - which was also around the exercise equipment. I didn’t want to play games on a small TV, and I could watch something and exercise. I stopped playing video games more naturally by doing that, and I don’t go back for fear I’ll play too much again.

I hope you all have a good life, and think about how it is. I know I have a lot to do in my life- so that is the road ahead of me. Thanks for those that put up with my frustration and times, and sorry if I said or did anything wrong. I’m not sure if I’ll be back on here again- but have a nice life and take care. :)


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    Tldr youre not playing BF1 no more k cool bye
  • MayorMarionBarry
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    I've heard the same speech.

    But it's usually from former drunks, so this is a surprising thread.

    *Golf clap*
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