4th permban of a low ranker =probably 10 hour trial account (pc) in 2 weeks (now 23fe18)

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4th permban of a low ranker =probably 10 hour trial account (pc) in 2 weeks (now 23fe18)

can't these trial accounts have a GREY NAME in scoreboard (JUST LIKE grey names during PREMIUM TRIALS). So that io know I can unban them after 1 month when they are probably done with their 10 hours of free cheating, my 200 banlist limit is ok but not if I can't filter these guys out then it will get full in no time. The "low ranking low hours played" accounts might actually be a normal account and then I want to keep them on the banlist.

3 where autoaiming like a robot fullauto fluent to the millisecond following targets, I want to bet my life on it that they where using a hack. And the 1 from today - the 4th - had a damage hack but only on his back seat gun of the attack plane, I spectated and he downed planes with 1 shots, and when the behemoth zeppelin came it only needed 2 overheat cooldowns of that back seat machinegun to obliterate that zeppelin.

edit : and then I see in a server > "fairfight issued 134 temp bans and 56 perm bans in the last 24 hours", and then I wonder how many of those perm bans are just 10 hour trial accounts.
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