Highly Adaptable Aircraft Pilots Needed - 4 Positions Available - See Posting for Details

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Good day, airmen of Battlefield
I am looking to bolster my air corps with talent that packs the gear necessary to provide CAS in a highly demanding atmosphere of organized battle. If this add interests you contact me at my gamertag TheEvilPopTarts
Thank you

Positions Available:
-Helicopter Pilot

-Helicopter Gunner

-Attack Jet Pilot

-Fighter Jet Pilot

About our unit:
I am the OIC of the 89th MEU Military Simulation Unit. For many years we have housed vetted active, retired, and former military service members of the United States Armed Forces. Together with our civilian staff we have come up with an effective standard of tactics, strategy, and communications that continues to develop with every event we undertake.
It is our Goal to implement an effective MAGTF using all in-game assets for their intended purposes and with the origination to be used with surgical precision. The atmosphere we create is one our members will find being fun, filled with training easily adaptable to, and our actions being true to our creed of Honor, Courage, and Commitment. We hope that anyone who crosses paths with us will find nothing but a good time.
We continue to open the door to recruitment and welcome any questions, comments, and concerns, at the contact info listed below. Thanks again, happy gaming. -Col. Duenas CO 89th MEU Military Simulation Unit

Contact info:
-Website: www.89thmeu.enjin.com

-The OIC of Recruitment
GT: Monstervette85

GT: TheEvilPopTarts
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