7th Special Forces - Milsim

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Welcome all potential recruits.

We are currently recruiting for our infantry division. Looking for players of all ability to grow our unit.

I am a representative for 7SF. We operate on the XBOX ONE, we play BF4 to a high standard allowing the best of the best to grow bigger and better.

7SF operates with a view to work as a MIL-SIM meaning we have an infrastructure which allows us to work together to achieve the best play style possible.
Within our hierarchy with have many officers and recruits as we mainly follow the ranking structure of the 7th Special Forces Group.

If you would like to play with us please message anyone below:

Ace Spotter
lOrbital Dropl
Renegade AJones
Quiet 117

Request to join 7SF all of these people will be happy to introduce 7SF to you.

Hope we are a good fit for you.

See you on the battlefield

Ace Spotter
CWO2 - Chief Warrant Officer 2
Callsign - Moose
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