35th Armored Regiment looking for Tank Drivers *ENLIST TODAY*

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I am Captain Firestorm of the 3rd Armored Division. Our units armored core, the 35th Armored Regiment, is looking for tank drivers and armored vehicle operators to join our mighty armored core.

We use tactics, procedures and strategies employed by the U.S Army and wage armored warfare on all our enemies on all fronts.

Tank drivers are NOT limited to only running armored vehicles. They are free to move with infantry should they so choose to. We try to ensure balance between infantry and armored fighting tactics.

Armored vehicles we operate are as followed:
  • Tanks
  • LAV/IFV Vehicles
  • Mobile AA guns
  • Attack Boats

These vehicles are essential to supporting infantry and eliminating enemy armor.

If interested, message me on XBOX: FirestormM1A2, or message me on LINE (LINE ID- ikillcreepers09) for more information.

We hope you join us.


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