Spectral Assassins [Spec] Now Recruiting!!!

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We are a new platoon looking for players on all platforms and all Battlefield games. We currently run on PS4-BF4 and have a division on XBOX1-BF4-BF1. We are also a very laid back English speaking platoon based in the U.S.

Requirements - Speak English (that's it)

All are welcome, most of us play on hardcore servers but its not required for members. Like I said we are laid back, play for fun and K/D's are not important its all about PTFO.

Preferred but not required - All DLC's (premium and free)
- Mic w/headset

Check us out

PSN - SlickRick79420
- mvills83
XBOX - zlParalyze (3lephan7)

Have Fun!!!
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    Also check out (slickrick79420 lag) on youtube its funny I got kicked by admin for lagging but I just don't know about it lol all in good fun tho. Let me know what you think.
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    I have an xbox 360 id it is ok for me to join ur clan i have headset and mic as well
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