hackers with 2 year old accounts still playing

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I'm blown away...literally . [LINK REMOVED] why is there no way to get these [REMOVED] outa the game EA and dice u [REMOVED] failed at keeping the servers clean. why ? cause you do not allow any moderation ! who the [REMOVED] designs a system where u cant remove hackers. COME ON !
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    Reasons why this happens in BF4:
    * Idiotic system with "official servers" that don't let admins kick anyone and rely on ancient punkbuster that is pretty much useless at this point.
    * "Gametime" accounts that with a simple fix lets anyone not only get the game for free as many times as they want but also play online. Cheaters heaven.
    * Irrelevant "Anti cheat team" that pretty much does nothing.
    * Complete censorship on the forums and denying even videos as proof of hacking.
    * Lots and lots of noobs reporting good players for no reason. <- But that shouldn't really matter if the game's "Anti cheat team" composed of more than 10 people at least.

    Long story short - either EA or DICE are terrible at keeping cheaters away from this game. Community is mostly pretty dumb too.. can't go on a 5 kill spree without getting called a hacker.
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    This thread isn't long for this world. inb4lock
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