Proposal for Unlocking Assignment Weapons in BF1 and BF4

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Thanks for visiting this thread. I want to discuss a way to unlock weapon based assignments after a game has been superseded by a newer version or is about to be superseded. Assignment Unlocks require patience, time, resources and help from the community to unlock successfully. Also, they are to bring a fun level of challenge to you as a player of Battlefield. However, one cannot unlock them on their own alone. When Battlefield 4 has been superseded by Battlefield 1 it becomes prohibitive to successfully accomplish those assignments do to natural attrition of online first person shooter game(s) that have been or about to be superseded. Please keep an open mind when reading the following.
Once a Battlefield game has or is about to be replaced by a newer version all remaining assignment unlock weapons should go on sale. That sale could either be a monetary price or one of established in game “credits” offered. Another idea would be changing the assignment to something more liberal. For example, play 10 matches of X and unlock assignment Y. Or, something that may not require a lot of time and resources to implement.
As you already know attrition in a first person shooter game make it prohibitive to complete assignments once we have reached or about to reach supersession a current or favorite Battlefield game. Which makes it prohibitive to complete. The purpose of this proposal is to allow easy access to assignment based items in Battlefield and assures the community that EA/Dice is aware and willing to accommodate attrition as a whole.
Therefore, I propose the following as a “fast track” method to accomplishing those assignments and still keep to community’s best interest.
1. Make assignment weapons purchasable only during times of supersession of a Battlefield Game.
2. 1 method can be through purchase IE: BF4 $0.99 per assignment. BF1 $1.99 per assignment.
3. Other method can be in game credits. To be determine in value based on the above set pricing.
4. Or the entire assignment tree can be purchased. Pricing BF4 $3.99. Pricing BF1 $5.99. Or through in game credit.
This is only for periods of supersession of a Battlefield game. THIS IS NOT INTENDED DURING THE NORMAL PRODUCT LIFE CYCLE of Battlefield game currently released to the public to play online.
I thank you for your time.
(Mod could this be forwarded to Dice)
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