bug or someone trying to hack my info?

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So recently I've gotten 2 "likes" about some sort of friendship I accepted supposedly 4 years ago. This is hard to explain, but the first time I got a like about 5 days ago was from a friend I had for a long time, but lost contact because he moved on. I don't even think I can get to his name or page anymore. I just tried and it says the page doesn't exist. It did 5 days ago, but it was a different name than the one saying he "liked" our friendship from 4 years ago.

Hope that makes sense.

Now today I get another one, but this time from a different name.


No idea who this guy is, but the one I got 5 days ago was named LXS-T-Zilla, but when I clicked on it, it took me to the above user link. Now today, I get the above guy liking the same friendship I had 4 years ago. When I click on the T-Zilla name it just says page doesn't exist, where as 5 days ago it took me to the iNONAMx page. Am I being paranoid, or does this seem very strange?

The other strange part about this is, when I click on the friendship these people are liking, there are two likes on this friendship, but one from a player that hasn't played in years, and neither one of them are linked to the recent likes I've been getting.

So some help from someone would be appreciated. Is there other ways to get to an admin about this, or will one respond here? The whole thing is really very fishy to me and strange.


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    just a random like, they cant get any of your information from that
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