SOLVED: full server crashed > now it's stuck on pending / 1 hertz no matter what i change on it.

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edit (SOLVED) > Monday 12.00 telephone lines went open at EA Netherlands and within 5minutes it was fixed, THEY HAVE A RESTART BUTTON THAT WE DO NOT HAVE. It would be nice that at "your servers" an option for that became available to us. Anyways for now it is SOLVED, More then 2,5days my server offline, the guy gave my server an extension of 7days. Plus he said you don't have to wait till phone lines are open you also have English chat - somewhere on some EA website - where they can reset your server.

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edit : It is now 8am and the server is still dead (it happened 11 hours ago).

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my server crashed so hard - or something - that it really died. 64 players server crashed and now it is stuck on pending / 1 hertz no matter what i change on it and press update server.

i have had servers since 21nov16 and this is NEW. And the server is rented till 12oc18 so it has not expired.

It is gone in server browser / favorites.

Here screenshot what I see now at "your servers" , I changed map / weapons / tickets / tried everything and when I update server it does not wake up, but when I go back in the server settings it has saved the new settings so the server is somehow still alive ... it saves things. But doesn't not come out of 1 hertz / pending / 0/0 - should be (30/)60hertz and 0/64 -!Anbs4-O7K_T8gox2N--fhexHJYgiyA

BUT NOW WHAT to do? The server is my oldest server and is in the Netherlands - unlike my other 2 that are in Germany. But I see other dutch servers still in my favorites and still with players in it so it can't be an overall outtage of all dutch servers (... duh stupid me I could have concluded that already when I saw that the changes I make on the server are indeed saved).

a link to my 3 servers but of course it now shows only 2 servers

the exact server name that is now gone is this > [EvdG]1of3 "St Quentin Scar" sponsors/VIPslot>www.bevdg.NL and can't do anything to get it back. Do NOT move it to another physical server, I can live without the 13.500 people who have favorited it but absolutely can't do without my banlist.

ill update if I have solved it it is now 21.30 CET and it happened 30minuets ago 21.00CET friday23ma18.

EDIT 23.00 CET still on a Friday , I called EA in the Netherlands - I live in the Netherlands and my server is also in the Netherlands - they helped me in the past with a RSP problem, I got to give EA compliments for their help on the phone .... 1 of the best. But not today you can only contact them from Monday to Friday from 12.00 to 21.00 , heheheheh and the server crashed and died at 21.00 today .. should have crashed an hour earlier ... **** or a day earlier would have been nice because next 2 days are without telephone help, saturday and sunday, they are closed. My personal problem is I have 3 servers but only like this server, love st quentin scar, so this will be a weekend where I have to really live life instead of playing bf1 like a little nerd.

And this is on the same day where 2 of my 3 servers got the 1 in queue bug , and the other server who didn't get that bug .... crashed twice today when full. But that is here on a separate topic I made on reddit This was the worst day ever for my rsp servers, before the bf1 launch i expected these bugs to be there in the first 3 months of the game. Not after 17 months ... hell it only takes 7 months (and 2 months before we get to see trailers and gameplay of the next bf) before the new BF comes out.
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