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This what I believe needs to happen with incursions to make bf comp again

When dice asks for your input on incursions...

Here goes, this is what I want:


All gadgets except medical syringe, medic bags, ammo bags. Any sweet spot sniper rifles, 3d sporting, spawn beacons (only spawn home flags and on the squad leader at ANY time, the tank (it doesn’t work in 5vs5, if you must implement a tank make it 8vs8 minimum, all grenades except frags and smokes, all weapons apart from the ones which I’ll name further down.

Ok weapons, to make this simple I’ll make 2 lists team 1 and team 2.

Team 1:

Medic: autoloading extended
Support: Bar storm
Assault: hellreigel
Scout: who actually cares?

Team 2:

Medic: m1907 sweeper
Support: madsen
Assault: ribeyroyles
Scout: again if you want to play scout your in the wrong place go back to operations.

The weapons I’ve listed are just closely matched weapons where you should be able to compete with one another without feeling too hard done too.

Squad leaders can choose whichever class they want as can anyone else, that’s right as many of one class as a team would like.

Teams obviously rotate depending which side you play from so you get both weapons to make sure it’s FAIR.

The frontlines game mode is absolutely perfect I have no qualms with it what so ever.

I know this may be bland, but what competitive games aren’t? They all fight with 3/4 different weapons anyway, it’s worked for the last 20 years why try to change it now? CSGO is one of the most viewed esport games that ever has been and it only has AWP, AK and M4 yet the millions of ££££ that generates is a true example of variation isn’t everything.

I’d say that pretty much sums up my opinion, hope you take note.

Keep up the hard work, much love.

Revokah x
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  • HawkeyeAM47
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    When is this ever coming to the base game!?
  • Revokah
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    My version? Hopefully tomorrow lol, you can get a key from the discord providing you play on Pc :)
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