How to report a server?

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Ive been googling and i cant seem to find how to report a server. Theres this server in BF 3 that has somehow made it so that it always shows full when it really isnt and the names of those players who arent there are all just listen as "unknown"


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    I mean this might be a real thing, i don't want to leave the server link in public, just incase its bs. But, many times ive gone on there (about 4 or 5) other people in chat have noted the exact same thing.

    Or maybe its a battlelog bug :)
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    Submit your report by contacting us via Email from our Help Center.
    1. Go to our Contact Us page.
    2. For Product, select your game and hit Next.
    3. For Platform, select the appropriate platform and hit Next.
    4. For Category, select “Report Cheating/Harassment” and describe the issue.
    Be sure to include as much information about the server in question in the
    Description, inclusion of screenshots or video evidence will help greatly.
    Hit Next, then select the email option to submit.
    The link for our Help Center is here:

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