Battlefield WW2 Ideas

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Hey guys, I've had a lot of thoughts about what my perfect Battlefield game would be. Many of the ideas I have were said to be amazing and would improve the series immensely, and so I want to get my ideas out there. A background of my BF experience first, My first FPS game was BF4, and I easily have a thousand plus hours playing it on the PS3+4. Easily my favorite BF game.

Now, I want to start talking about the setting, the second world war. Largest conflict on this planet so far, spanning across almost every continent was involved in some way. There were multiple fronts, dozens of factions, hundreds of weapons, battlefields, etc. etc. Everyone knows about WWII, and the influence it had on modern-day-warfare.

The first BF game (BF: 1942) was in a World War II setting, which included 14 base-game maps and 12 more DLC maps. Some maps still stand the test of time as some of the most favorite in the series, and perfect to be remastered. The game had limited weaponry and gadgets, but that is easy enough to expand on. On top of that, one of my favorites later in the series, BF: 1943, introduced 5 classic maps that are some of my most favorite in FPS, perfect to be remastered, and again limited weaponry. There is plenty of materials to work with from the past, and if implemented in today's Frostbite engine, with today's graphics. technology, etc, would be fantastic.
Game modes is something that keeps a player interested. Classics such as Conquest and Conquest Assault, Rush, Air superiority, along with newer game modes such as Operations, Front-lines, Chain-link, Carrier Assault and more would make the game that much more re-playable. Imagine map and mode combos such as Wake Island and Carrier Assault. Amazing. Or how about Omaha Beach on Front-lines, fighting back and forth for control of the beach front? Air Superiority over the Battle of Britain?? Or Island Hopping through the Pacific with Operations??? (That's my favorite idea) See where I'm going? Classic maps with exciting, re-playable, favorite game modes makes for a great game.
But why stop with the classics when we can also add in the recent favorites. Operation Metro, remastered to be an underground Paris subway, as the French Resistance fighters battle the ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ for control over the supply routes. Or, Golmud Railway as a Western front map, a battle between the ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ and the Russians? There are many ways to reinterpret favorite maps.

I have plenty of more ideas regarding weapons, gadgets and classes, even down to the customizations if


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    Firstly I would like o say gtnred13 some great ideas but air superiority, front lines operations not really that popular.

    All BF games are brilliantly designed, the game play for BF1942 was ok BF2 game play was and still is the best Bf2142 was ok
    BFBC2 was great, BF3 was better BF4 at first we all know was a bit of a disaster but ? EA/DICE have made it a great game
    BF1 well the graphics are fantastic but the game play is very poor.
    Hopefully BF2018 whatever it will be called has a better game play
    Some suggestions over 100 of us would and hope to see.

    6 man squads and game play similar to BF2
    Battle recorder as in BF2 not BF4
    Not much to ask...

    The major problems since BF1 are the admin server side of things and why most clans I know have abandoned BF1
    because of no or very little control of the servers
    The servers need to be third party again like before, so procon or similar can be used to
    Control the whole game, hacks cheaters etc.
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    BF2018 Pathfinder class?

    Hoping to see a Pathfinder type class that’s a WWII version of BF4’s Recon class with Carbines. No sniper rifles please! We need beacons NEAR objective and close to the action! PTFO! That requires Carbines, M1 or M14! Some sort of stealth gadget or a mortar barrage or air strike as a strong second gadget option!

    This would be a great way to memorialize all of our fallen brothers in arms that served as Pathfinders and would a great tribute to all Pathfinders especially since the US Army decommissioned the last Pathfinder unit in 2017.
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