Changes that need to be in Incursions

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I feel that Incursions is a great game mode, but will need some changes to make it ready for eSports. First, people need to be able to change their kits at the death screen. One of the most frustrating things is not being able to change classes to counter a tank or sniper. I feel that adding an option to change kits at the death screen will open new opportunities for counter attacks and give the game mode some more flare. Another thing that needs to be changed is Vehicles. I feel that vehicles are a little much for a 5v5 game. For one, they are extremely overpowered. They are able to take out an enemy team all by themselves and can easily wreak havoc on the enemy team. Also, tanks take away from the core strategy in the game mode. There strength gives teams an easy way to defend & attack and takes away the strategy that people were looking for.


  • dA_9_eL_81
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    Almost all classes have access to counter the tanks...
    The AT-Assault can take out a tank within 3-4 seconds with a wellplaced cocktail of: Limpet/AT-grenade/light AT-grenade... So I dont think the tank is OP... Its depends of the skill of the enemy AT-assault guy if the tank is allowed to free-roam and rack up 15-20 kills....

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    not being able to swap in order to adapt to the situation is really annoying for me.
    I am not sure what type of player does this BF1 reskin is catered to but it is certainly not to my taste
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    Instead of locking players into a single build, let them choose 2 or 3?

    Also we need to be able to back out and change our class after seeing what everyone else on OUR TEAM has picked. If our squad has lots of anti tank but no medic, I would change to a medic. If there are 2 medics and no AT, I would change to AT.

    Not being able to change our class prior to the match starting is a critical design flaw. That’s BEFORE we see what our opponents are bringing to the fight, but AFTER we see what our squad mates are choosing.
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