Importing Video, Controller and advanced settings

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Platform: Xbox One - Day One edition with generic external Hard Drive.

We really need an option to import our customized BF1 basic and advanced settings to BF1 Incursions.

Via a few different YouTube tutorials and my own trial and error I have so many customization tweaks I can’t recall every single change I’ve made to my game and video settings. As a result in order to play incursions without the game feeling like anything but the BF1 I know and love I have had to:

-Launch BF1
- take about a 2 dozen screenshots from
my BF1 settings to include Minimap, video controls basic, controls advanced, gameplay basic, gameplay advanced, gameplay world icons, control schemes, custom UI settings(colors)

-Close BF1

-Launch Incursions

-Open settings

-Back out of Incursions to my Xbox One Home Page

-Open Screen shots

-find applicable page for each setting I need to tweak.

-Go back into BF1 Incursions and make the appropriate changes in that one sectiin

-Repeat entire process for each section under settings(Video, controls basic, controls advanced, etc)

I’m assuming Incursions is the Beta test bed for the next BF game. I would hope that Incursions for BF2018 would be included in the basic game and not a stand alone experience.
If not, please include an import settings option from BF2018 to Incursions 2018.

One other thing, if BF2018’s settings are compatible with BF1’s, please save your loyal fans a lot of headache and give us the option to import all BF1 custom settings to BF2018!


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