The Combat Surgeon’s passive perk, automated healing???

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What’s next? Our character shoots, moves and plays for us while we watch?

What’s with the automated BS guys?

Too much automation IMO. Automated spotting via flares is bad enough and should be removed. Automated spotting via target dummies, and automated healing? Automation, automation, automation! No thank you. That’s not Battlefield IMO.

Back to basics guys! Less automation please. More user + environment interaction! More player to player interaction! Manual spotting only! Manual healing only! Manually resupplying only! Stop trying to reinvent the wheel and stop moving away from those core mechanics that have made Battlefield games great.

Stop spoon feeding us enemy locations via red dots on minimaps via passive abilities and via “fire and forget” deployable gadgets. Automated/passive healing? Guys this is not the squad based, “teamwork required”, effort required BF I know and love.

Why in the world would you remove manual spotting? Spotting should require user input. Spotting flares and all other forms of automated spotting are total garbage.
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