Everything I find annoyingly wrong in BF1

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I was last active on a FPS during BlOps1. I skipped MW3, Ghost, and the entire futuristic stuff, thankfully. I returned to gaming and got a PS4, it was IW or BF1. No brainer. It took forever to become a vet, but here I am, comfortably. So now I think it’s fair for me to judge the game.

Disclaimer: I’m not here **** over these things bc I can’t deal with them. But i find BF survival hard enough as an exclusive run & gunner. And these illogical game features just serve as a shaver of at least 30 minutes of binge gaming for me.

1.) Flares/flames. It doesn’t make any sense that flares and such insignificant flames around the maps can take over a quarter of human life, just by briefly sprinting over one. We’re talking literal fireworks (flare) or a flame that couldn’t even heat a slice of bologna taking. I know how to treat/prevent these matters, but still. It’s illogical and a hassle.

2.) Bayonet charge. I understand this feature. But being as it was very little more than a scare tactic during the Great War, and even with the feature being lousy in BF1, it’s still too much of a nuisance. A simple reasonable fix would be for dealing 25% or so damage to serve as a stopping force to a charger.

3.) Cavalry. Again, I understand this feature. But horse riders are another feature from WW1 that proved illogical and outdated. I also understand the need to boost their HP, otherwise no one would use them. Even though, that was pretty much the case in real life, I get it. It’s another rarer occurrence, but dealing with one is always too much of a task, considering everything it took to kill the rider, no matter how quickly you off him. Their health should be reduced and headshots need to be more effective. A fully healthy cavalier ate a AT rocket of mine and rode off into the sunset.

4.) Regulate vehicles. It’s rare to have to avoid pilots who really know what they’re doing. But when it happens, it’s overwhelming. If your team is decent, it’s not bad at all. But this game has a terrible team balancing system. And Aces can really dominate the match in that case. For time’s sake, I won’t go into why i don’t like it. But I say certain maps should grant at least one or two fewer planes per match. And to compensate for this, there should be a minimum rank requirement for certain vehicles. Nothing too strict but something that will keep a rank 3, who doesn’t yet fully understand the dynamics of the map from snagging a plane from a more deserving and capable pilot or driver. I feel as though this would make matches more balanced. Especially if you’re the only one noticing the constant team wipeouts at each objective. PS: I flew a plane maybe 5 times, and I really do admire those who took the time to really master it.
4B.) Artillery trucks. I simply think they should be more vulnerable to AT rockets. Just today, one appeared to eat 4 AT rockets. I can only be sure it obsorbed two. I was at a distance and angle where I couldn’t really tell if the other assaulter’s two connected. Of course, I think two should be enough. The first should let you know to get the f*** somewhere else, and the second should say too late, mudaf*****.
4C.) There needs to be more incentive for killing tanks. The better you get at BF1, the more you can recognize a terrible team. One that will only scare off a tanker, at best. And then proceed to get annihilated upon his return as they fail to capture the objective. There needs to be more of a pull factor for soldiers to deal with these vehicles capable of such domination. Sometimes, I’m literally the only one trying to deal with them.

5.) Points & progression. It’s clear that conquest is designed to be played in a certain manner by how points are awarded. I feel they could do better in this department and urge players to cooperate more. For instance, a revive, spot, kill or assist within a certain radius of an objective should hold a small percentage increase for XP. This would encourage players to play the objectives and do their jobs. Destroying vehicles should award you more points. And there should be a player proximity reward as well. More so for squads, assault and medic classes. This would encourage squads and teams to stick together and fight off or through oncoming waves, vs dispersing and being individually destroyed and consequently dominated as a whole. And manual “spots” need to be more rewarding. It’s one of my favorite features of this game that I wish other players would take advantage of.

6.) Conclusion. There are a few other minor things I could add. But these are the most outstanding for me. When I came to BF, I expected a level of authenticity that its fanboys promised. And though I’m mostly satisfied, I still hate that gimmicks is a thing even in this franchise. None of these points are untreatable with a slight adjustment in play style. But speaking on a stand of authenticity that’s praised amongst BF’ers, I, a WW1 soldier shouldnt have to dedicate THIS much thought and energy on avoiding these things.

Overall though, I enjoy this game a lot. Its very satisfying to finally be able to AVERAGE like 32k/15d. As a guy who literally runs all match long, I take pride in that. Bc at least 8 to 10 of those deaths are from distant campers or vehicles. That’s the price of running and gunning though. Haha.


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