Looking for TeamPlay.

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As mentioned in subject. Lookin for ppl to play as a team. Preffered players:
- age +30 ... yep, really :)
- with no wooden PC
- with microphone (and with no fear of using it)
- English speakers ... but Polish or Russian is ok too (in fact any Slavic lang might be ok)
- EU (if low ping then residence doesn't matter)
- willing to play quite often, (every day at 5:00pm/6:00pm CEST)
- rank/skill - no matter
I can offer my will to play and my teamspeak server (address: swietowit.net)
My ranks: BF3 - 94, BF4 - 121, BF1 - 79, BF1I - Platinum 2 (I think this rank system is for testing purposes only so it changes a lot).
If you are interested do not hesitate to contact me via private message. Post in this thread will be ok too.


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