-GoodFellas is looking for a clan war - [ PS3/BF4 ]

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We are GoodFellas (GOOD) platoon. We are an active clan that still plays BF4. We have 3 partner clans and we are searching for platoons that are active too and wants clan wars. Timezone doesnt matter for us we have members all around the world. So If you like to give a try to your clan or meet an active clan here we are. Only PS3 gamers.
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    Hello there!

    Sorry for jumping in on your thread like this, but I noticed your title is in full capital letters, something which is frowned upon according to the forum guidelines.
    As such, I have taken the measures to correct your forum title.
    By all means, carry on with your search for clan wars and I hope you find another platoon to do battles with.

    Have a great day!
  • BreakingBeam
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    Okay no problem
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