People are invading my private servers. Passwords not working at all (wrong category so reposting)

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I am spending money just so I can play the gorgeous maps and practice with the guns and equipment I have by myself. I can no longer input passwords after this new patch, and it says they are incorrect after I put it in perfectly. Now people are just jumping in the server looking for me so they can kill and grief me, after I named the server "passwords broken please don't join I'm practicing." People are now jumping in looking to kill the idiot who named their PSN BUMSCAG1337 as a kid and start griefing me because I'm trying to enjoy the game by myself. Please fix this I'm tired of paying money for things that don't work, like setting up a server so I can play by myself. Which should be free, but it's not. So I'm paying for a 7 dollar server that I can't even password protect and stay alone. Before the newest patch, which is great I love the Auto revolver and bulldog running animation fix, I was able to use passwords, now I can't anymore.


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    Don't worry I'm sure it'll all be fixed if not the next Battlefield then a possible future Battlefield
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