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So I got this game upon release on the PS4 and hadn't had any major issues until late last year.
My first issue I encountered is the actual installation with the game. I had uninstalled it to make room for a different game, but after finishing the other game I desired to reinstall BF1.

After placing the disc in my console it said an error has occurred so I took it out and tried again with no success, which concerns me greatly as I feel confident in saying the disc has been well preserved. After a few more tries it finally began registering. I had downloaded the considerably large update and launched the game. Then I got to a screen that said "installation 0%". So I figured I just needed to wait for this secondary installation. A full night passed by and I checked it in the morning only to find it was still 0%. So I closed the application thinking maybe it doesn't install while it was open.

After work I came back and launched in game and saw it was STILL on 0%.
So I asked my brother if I could use his copy. It installed properly (which is weird because like I said each of my games remain in a cabinet and in their correct cases) but here is where my next issue presents itself.

I had great trouble connecting to EA servers. I would press square to go online and it would just say "an unknown error occurred". So I left the application on a while and attempted a few more times with no success. When I finally connected to EA servers. I tried to start a game of conquest and the game would begin matchmaking, only to eventually tell me "an unknown error has occurred". Before someone tells me "it could be your system". I am open to acknowledging that, however I do have a large amount of doubt as Battlefield 1 is the only product I am unable to use.

So that's my issues I am encountering with the game if anyone actually read all of this, I commend you and if you know anything that might resolve this I will be indepted to you forever.


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    I would recommend you call the EA help line for tech support on the game. Battlefield games are very account sensitive. Then if that does not work try calling SONY support.
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