UPDATE – Connectivity Issues Affecting Battlefield 1 Oceanic Players 05072018

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Hello Oceanic Battlefield 1 players,

As promised, we wanted to share our latest update regarding the connectivity issues affecting our Oceanic Battlefield 1 PC players.

Over the weekend, our teams continued to work to eliminate connectivity issues and server crashes. The good news is we had no additional reports of issues over the weekend. Despite these successes and reports from the community of improved connectivity, we’re not ready just yet to declare an All Clear, but we are optimistic that we’ll be able to do this soon.

As promised in our last update, we will continue updating you every 72 hours until this problem has been completely resolved. Our mission remains unchanged – to stabilize connectivity in the Oceanic region and ensure you’re all able to consistently jump back into the battlefield.

Thanks for the updates you’ve provided on the forums and reddit regarding your successful matchmaking and thanks again for your patience. We’re getting through this as a community, and as always we appreciate your support.

The Teams at EA/DICE
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