2 server bugs are still rampant : massive 64 player disconnects between rounds + "1 in queue".

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FOUND SOMETHING OUT ABOUT THE 1 IN QUEU BUG, why can it count above the 1 in queue bug and report it properly in server browser read last part of this post.

2 server bugs are still (now 8may18 1 day after patch) rampant : massive 64 player disconnects between rounds + "1 in queue".

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It is now 11.50AM in central Europe. I have 9 full servers in my favorites on pc of which I filled 7, but 3 of those 7 crashed in between rounds all 3 in Netherlands. So I had to refill them, this is way way too much work for me this way, once filled it should be like the first 12months of bf1. INCREDIBLE STABILITY. Too much work plus you have to check over and over again if one hasn't crashed. The weird part is of those 9 5 are in the netherlands and 4 are in germany and only the ones in the Netherlands crash, and no not all at the same time. A month ago it was the other way around https://www.bftracker.com/view.php?id=5134 ... never happening on dutch servers only on german servers. And this bug is LIVE since the 20feb18 patch so 2,5months now, there have been patches on 27march / 24april / 7may since the 20feb18 patch and not one had a solution for this.

p.s. server 2 (best maps) and 3 (sinai) crashed https://battlefieldtracker.com/bf1/servers?platform=pc&name=[sf] , and from myself server 1 quentin crashed https://battlefieldtracker.com/bf1/servers?platform=pc&name=bevdg

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And now the 1 in queue bug, yesterday was patch day - 7may18 - but that evening after the patch I already saw 2 of 9 servers with the bug.
But the record was last Tuesday so 1may 18 see screenshot that I took but was at the time to pissed off to make another 1 in queue bug topic https://1drv.ms/u/s!Anbs4-O7K_T8gpJzxk56SxF3U4fDdQ there you see 10 servers , of which 9 where full that night - only server 5: SF2 FORT was empty all day - the screenshot is taken at 23.00 and server 9 died of natural causes ... people going to bed. But server 1: bevdg1 QUENTIN, server 6: sf3 SINAI, server 7: sf4 ZEEBRUGGE, server 10: fair play SINAI have the bug at the moment of the screenshot (I of course went inside as a spectator because not all 64/64[1]'s in server browser are automatically bugged) so 4 servers and 3 hours before it server 3: bevdg3 FORT had it but I put a password on it .. kicked everyone .. removed password and refilled. So 5 of 9 "full" servers where bugged that evening. The 2 sinai servers where both with the bug the day before it also, so Monday and Tuesday Sinai fans who where on a bugged Sinai server could not just join the other 1 to escape from the bug because that 1 was also bugged.

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1 thing I found out about the 1 in queue bug, I had the bug on my amiens server - you can always see it after a round when 15 players leave and then for 1 moment the server browser should go below 64 64 1 but it didn't. But the amiens server is popular enough to stay around 64 players and what I found weird then is as soon as the 45 go to 64 64 1 for REAL and then goes beyond it all of a sudden on server browser you see 64/64 [2] , 64/64 [3] , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 , 8 , 9 , 10. And after a round it goes from 10 to 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 but then does NOT go below the 64 64 1. So why is it that above the 1 in queue the server browser gets to see the actual queue but when player numbers go below 64 64 1 it stays on 64 64 1. AND WHY ISNT THIS BUG FIXED YET, this bug is alive since 23oc17 , that is 6,5 months.
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