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I was playing rescue in downtown as a cop, and i had a camera near the extraction point, my teammates killed 3 enemies, and i grabbed a hostage, and there was an enemy watching the extraction point, and he was right under my camera, and the other guy killed 3 of my teammates, and my last teammate was at the hostages building, and the enemy that killed 3 of my teammates was shooting at me from behind with a shotgun on the electric stairs, he ran out of ammo and switched to his pistol and ran out again, he didn't reload and followed me with a sword, when i got at the extraction point i started zigzagging and the bar was going half way and starts again, the guy was waiting tried to melee me so i got on top of the car and started jumping back and forth, and we won the round i was LMAO, that was probably the best moment i ever had in my battlefield hardline.
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