I can't play battlefield 1 because of crashing every 10-30 min

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I don't know what to do,
when i start playing battlefield 1 if runs perfectly no lag, no performance issues, no nothing, but after 10-30 min it just crashes and sometimes it will show me an error box
witch says something about DirectX (btw i'm not good with computers) but i checked i have the latest version, i tried updating my drivers, i tried using DDU to delete
and reinstall drivers, i tried lowering the settings to low (i usually run battlefield 1 on medium to ultra video settings) ant still have the same problem.
When i first bought battlefield 1 it didn't have this problem but after playing it a bit it started, i tried looking this up but never found anything so i got sick of it
and stopped playing it but now i want to play it again so when i started playing it again everything was fine just like when i bought it, but it started crashing again
and the more it crashes the more frequent crashes become. Btw battlefield 4 doesn't crash on medium settings and worked really well - no lag no anything.
If you know anything about this, or if you can help me please do.

Processor : ADM Ryzen 5 1600 Six - Core Processor 3.20 Ghz
Ram : 8.00 GB
System type : 64-bit operating system
graphics card : gtx 1050 ti
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  • Adman_Tor
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    I can't help with your problem but wanted to mention - this is the reason I switched to gaming on consoles so many years ago. Never any compatibility/driver issues.
  • MrBallbastic
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    Yeah I'm the same ir does seem to be an amd issue. Not just Ryzen either. Three times I had just pc shut downs tonight. One lst night too but tonight after only five or yen mins.
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