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So. BF1 is awful for me. EU servers (I’m in the UK) are trash. I struggle to go positive K:D with 20 ping but on US E servers with 80 ping I can easily go +2-3 K:D... I’m so fed up, I’ve ordered a Netgear XR500 and modem to replace the BThomehub6. What can I do to make my game play better? I have wired the router to the Xbox and get 70 down and 18 up. I connect via IPV6 and have pinholes opened...


  • Whanrow
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    I really hope you realize when you play a North American server when you shouldn't be, you just mess up the game for North American players? That's why you're getting a better score. This was a curse in BF4 too. People from Europe, South America, and Asia playing North American servers when they shouldn't be. In Bf4 we called them OOR - Out of Region players. You end up with a high ping, when everybody else is low, so they have a harder time to kill you, BUT you can kill them easily.

    You're right about EU servers though - they suck. Every time I look at one, every player is well over 120ms ping. I suspect this is because EU runs from Ireland to Nepal, to Iceland, to Africa. Its a large area. I find if I play an EU server, my ping is right there comparable to the EU players.

    I can suggest one thing NOT to do - don't choose Quick Match. It is supposed to find you the best server for you, and it doesn't. Sort your servers by ping, and play from the top few servers on the list.

    Another trick is you will likely find you are doing ok, then suddenly your hit detection gets terrible. Take a look at the scoreboard, an dI will bet you that you will find there are several players with high ping now in your game. Just like when you play a North American server, those people are now messing it up for you. So finish your game, and switch servers, until you find a game that behaves as it should.
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    I don’t believe the instadeath or bad hit reg can all be blamed on high ping/OOR players. My ping is very consistent and unlikely to be too high to cause issues for other players.

    I played on a couple of EU servers last night and they both played well, that’s rare! It’s absolutely no fun when the game experience is so bad.
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    When you play a server in North America, you will find you have a higher ping than the majority. THAT is what messes it up as then the network has to try and accommodate your higher ping to TRY and give everybody a level playing field - and that is the piece of the puzzle you aren't allowing for. And that functionality, doesn't work properly. You having a "consistent" ping, has nothing to do with it.

    When you look at a scoreboard in North America, you can almost always pick off the OOR players, because they will have high ping. Yes, there are rare exceptions with very poor internet, but in North America, not many.

    On the contrary, when I play EU servers, I have just about the same ping as they do - around 120, and they seem to range from 90-225 from what I've seen so far. Can't speak for anything except EU or North America though, so maybe high ping on Asian, Oceanic etc. too.

    Regardless, the point is the problem comes up most often when there are just a few people with high pings, and the network has to try and balance for them, and it doesn't do it properly or well.

    BF4 has been unplayable for at least 2 years for me due to the OOR players.
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    European pings range from 90 to 225?

    I'm from Europe, always connect to European servers. And have a steady ping between 20 and 30 every single game for as long as I have been playing.

    There has been times where I joined American servers to play with American friends and my ping would be above 100, it actually played alot worse. Never seem to get this advantage on OOR servers for me.

  • XboxRanger
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    It’s strange why I have such a bad time on EU servers with 20ms ping. I have a new router to try I hope will help and make it possible to play on EU servers.

    I’m in favour of ping caps btw.
  • Whanrow
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    @r-shot-you Likely because of the time I'm playing - 5 am or later to you. I rarely see anybody with ping under 100.
    "Never seem to get this advantage on OOR servers for me." - I'm not looking for ANY advantage. I just want a LEVEL playing field. It has happened one single time on a EU server where when I checked (and I check ALL the time), I was one of only 5 people over 100ms. I started about 1/3 through the game. At the end it was still the same, so I quit the server simply because I know exactly what it's like to be on the other end of it. Just because people who don't care, do it to me, doesn't mean I'm going to do it to somebody else...

    I'm 99% sure people don't do it, but literally every time I die, I check pings, look at the map and see where I can best help the team by spawning, see if I need to change my class or weapon depending on how the game is going, and so on. this isn't COD - you need to THINK, and in BF1 I find there is a lot of brain dead players. BF4 had them too, but not as much. Like the ones who won't give you ammo, or who hit "skip" as you stick the revive needle into them...

    @xbox ranger Not surprised. When my ping is at the lower end (around 48), I usually have terrible games because there is always 4 or more people over 130. Its that range of pings that SEEMS to really mess things up. I do know when somebody has very low ping like you do, I can almost never kill them, and they kill me with 1 bullet.

    Don't know how it would be possible to have ping caps. You can't tell somebody who paid their money just like you did, that they can't play.

    I bet bottom dollar that a lot of people choose quick match. A friend does that, and EVERY time he does, he has higher ping than when I pick the server. I sort servers by ping, and choose from the top 5 lowest ping servers. Quick match simply doesn't work properly. I've seen and heard people placed on EU or farther servers by choosing quick match.
  • ClaytonDixie
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    Lately - since the last update even with 30ms ping or 40 I have rubberband issues constantly. it is server side lag and it is to where I cannot play the game.
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